Restaurant Design: Tea Garden Restaurant Concept by Sergey Makhno

There is nothing unauthentic of the Tea Garden Restaurant Concept that was completed by Sergey Makhno. This is the kind of hospitality design that combines all the complicated elements and simplified it to create an ultra-functional space where modern and classic touch is everywhere. The newly developed concept is that of an urban lounge – restaurant design.

In this beautiful restaurant, guests are expected to enjoy a full and tasty experience of the tea ceremony. I must say this is one amazing restaurant that I have seen so far. The concept was developed and refined so that it maximizes the presence of nature within its interiors – a really unique concept. Guests can sit under ‘trees’ and ‘listen to nature’ as well as feel the four elements in life namely – air, earth, fire and water and all of these as they remain within the chambers of the city.

The restaurant interiors speak nothing but this concept all throughout – nature and life combined with modernity and style.

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