Restaurant Design: The Drift Bar & Restaurant by Fusion Design and Architecture

The Drift Bar & Restaurant is Fusion Design and Architecture’s recent project and I must say I’m impressed with their concept especially in giving this amazing restaurant the timeless beauty it so much deserves.

The hospitality design is spacious and luxurious – to say the least. It has an air of elegance that comes with simplicity by using the existing elements present in the bar including the bottles arranged beautifully on the shelves.

The beautiful restaurant is located specifically at Heron Tower on Bishopsgate making it a refreshing and new venue to go to. It is filled with unique collectibles, mixology table, fine dining nook and hidden alcoves. The restaurant interiors incorporated art into the design scheme in addition to the fine dining atmosphere.

The surfaces of this restaurant design are very impressive. I stand in awe at the oversized shelves that run through the entire length of the place – the focal point and the attention grabbing element of the design. As mentioned before, an eclectic assortment of collectibles from vintage teapots and vases to bottles and china jugs. It provides a dramatic backdrop to the walnut bar.

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