Restaurant Design: The Tower Kitchen by Khosla Associates and TSK Design

For the lack of words to describe The Tower Kitchen – I would say that it is like a physical mantra. This restaurant design has been completed by the collaboration of Khosla Associates and TSK Design. Their collaboration has given this beautiful restaurant its unique personality and identity. This hospitality design is located in Bangalore, India.

Red – that’s the color dominating the space. It is bold and strong like fire creating reflection all over the place. The entire restaurant interiors speak about strong personality – domination but above all like a mantra, able to transform the space into a place where fine dining means undeniable warmth and comfort – not necessarily strict and rigid.

Despite its strong personality – design-wise – it was able to create transformation of the amazing restaurant as a whole to accommodate its clients who just wanted a space to gather around and enjoy the food. (Via)

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