Store Design: Possi Ice-Cream Parlor by Antonio Gardoni

Possi Ice-Cream Parlor is one of the family run businesses for the past four decades providing fresh and delicious ice-creams produced organically. It did not fail to follow trends all this time especially in spicing up the tasty products. The design concept was developed and implemented by Antonio Gardoni. The concept was to rethink the language, shapes and spirit of the 50s and 60s. Therefore, you can see the beautiful pastel colors, natural and plastic materials, geometrical patterns and navy moods.

The idea was to spice-up the past world without really interpreting it literally. It is more like playing with the mood that’s similar to childhood memories but mostly in a modern way. The products sold are also huge part in the design concept especially in creating 3D patterns of it on the walls. Therefore, the store design is not merely a physical manifestation of an idea but a way to speak about the products sold in it.

The Possi ice-cream store design has been a landmark for ice-cream enthusiasts and naturally this opened the space up by adding neighbor properties thus increasing its size to accommodate the serving area, storage and laboratories. Antonio Gardoni designed the amazing store by rethinking and renewing the entire space in order to give it the personal identity it deserves. The design makeover improved the image and functionality of space.

Overall, I find this design really impressive especially the fact that the floor area has been divided into three distinct but related spaces namely – entrance, serving and mezzanine areas. The entire space features the tall ceiling with natural skylight so that the room evokes a sense of open, airy and clean feeling. I find the classic bar chairs and tables interesting but not highly unusual giving you a sense of familiarity. The unique color combinations are also pleasing to look at.

Wood planks clad the left side of ice-cream display in three colors, which could rotate so that the colors are displayed. This is a unique presentation of the overall design, which gives the place its own unique identity and style that I find impressive. I also love the mezzanine level, which has the urban feeling provided for by the long wall clad with diamond ceramic tiles. Customers can actually look downstairs, which gave visual interaction and connection between the mezzanine and the rest of the space. If you check out the restrooms, you will see that the careful design continues even in this private space.

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