SushiCafé Avenida, Lisbon, Portugal by Saraiva + Associados Architecture

A diverse presentation of senses, SushiCafé in Lisbon, Portugal captives with an ultra-modern restaurant design by Saraiva + Associados Architecture. Situated in a cosmopolitan section of the city, this sophisticated hot spot draws a hip scene of diners seeking gourmet Japanese cuisine.

This urban restaurant occupies approximately 2,788 square feet and is a conglomeration of distinctively divided sections: Main bar, sushi bar, dining room (including a dedicated Japanese room replete with authentic cultural references) and indoor/outdoor lounges.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by the main bar which opens to the outdoors creating a buzz at the street level. With a golden hue and faceted, jewel-like structure this stylish bar shares space with the adjoining reception area. White polished stone flooring leads the way towards the sushi bar which is pristine in white and decorated with a contemporary chandelier of what appears to symbolize elegant, geometric glass shards. Just beyond this zone, the restaurant opens up with a mix of freestanding tables, round booths and banquettes.

Once inside the heart of this chic dining space, sensations of movement and texture take over. Most remarkable–I’ll even say “mesmerizing”–are the walls clad in horizontal fiberglass ripples, which entirely wrap the interiors. Unexpected and breathtaking are the rhythmic pulses of LED lights which are back lit from the perimeter walls. Dynamic colors glow and travel, reacting to the music piped throughout. A discreet booth is embedded into one of the walls, where a deejay orchestrates this musical and visual flow.

Neutral gold, black, brown and white remain as the predominant color palette, while the neon pink, purple, blue and yellow wall lighting emits an overall chill vibe. Simplistic black hanging pendants highlight the dining tables, while a contemporary glass chandelier garners attention in a separate, all-white dining section.

SushiCafé is sensual, even futuristic, and embodies a true sense of innovative, modern restaurant design.

Photography by FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura | architectural photography.

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