ChicTip announces a weekly Romeo and Juliet In The Arts Series – Guest submissions are welcome

We just love it when literature and art mixes together, and with autumn knocking at the door we feel a romantic muse upon us. So we decided to run a weekly series of posts presenting depictions of Romeo and Juliet within the arts and interior design. Every week we will display a few of our favorite examples.

To kick-start this exciting series here is our first pick…

We would love it if you could share your favorite examples of depictions of Romeo and Juliet in the arts. Unleash the romantic in you and see if you can surprise us, every week we will display our favorite pick from guest submissions as well. So let the leave color change, we are ready and looking forward to a romantic fall.

The Romeo & Juliet bench has been designed by Koen Baeyens, Stijn Goethals and Basile Graux of Vyvey & Partners for the Belgian manufacturer Extremis.

Love Anna James

Verona and Romeo & Juliet have been inspired by Anna’s visits to Juliet’s house in Verona, Italy. She is totally captivated by the graffiti covering the walls at the archway entrance, all of it being declarations of love by visiting lovers, of all ages, from all over the world. The colours, and the messages create completely unique images, changing by the hour.

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