Home Staging Tips – The Bedroom

We’ve covered other essentials when it comes to staging your home for sale in this challenging economic climate, and this week we’re really getting to the bones of your home – staging the bedroom. This is a place where size really matters. When people move, they’re looking for more space, and the bedroom is no exception.

So how do we achieve this? Some easy tricks to make it seem bigger are key. First off, get rid of the clutter! Not only will this help you with your own impending move, but by eliminating extra lamps, or side tables, you naturally free up space giving the illusion of more room. Get to work on your closets next, storing or packing as much as possible – this will make your closet appear larger.

Next item of business – making your bedroom their bedroom.
Let them see the potential of the room by employing a neutral color of the walls and by sprucing up your bedding with throw pillows or brightly colored blankets. This is luxury we all benefit from! The potential buyer sees a comfortable relaxing bedroom, and you’ve got an excuse to buy new bedding! 

Get out of there! We know you love your family, but maybe move their pictures into your office for a bit. This should be an opportunity for the buyer to see your bedroom as their own, which is pretty hard to do with Auntie Anna staring them down. 

Staging the bedroom more than anything else is creating a retreat that’s relatable to anyone. Luckily in the bedroom you don’t typically need to worry about appliances or the like, so this is about your paint job, your bedding, and picking the choice accessories to make a potential buyer feel, well, at home! 


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  • pras
    February 8, 2009

    superb tips and good design solutions. The only potential problem is the placement of low voltage downlights directly above pillows, it will make your eyes hurt!

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