ChicTip is one year old, here’s a look back at the top 5 articles from our first year on the web

ChicTip is excited to celebrate our one year anniversary. In 12 short months we have provided you with 852 posts, contained within 28 categories with 3,610 tags. You are also a big part of our success, our wonderful community contributed over 2400 comments to our articles.

To celebrate this occasion we wanted to share our top 5 articles, as chosen by our community, based on the amount of views each article received.

It is clear that the community loves the tips and ideas aspect of our posts, as all of our top 5 articles contain ideas, tips and inspiration. Three of the top 5 articles focus on the bedroom or items within the bedroom, which points out the importance of this room to the modern chic designer.

Drum roll please…
In 5th place, representing our Get Inspired category is this gem:

Get Inspired Master Bedroom – These bedrooms are awe inspiring, any of them would suit our editorial team just fine.

4th place sees us staying in the bedroom, and more specifically, in the bed… representing our Design Tips and Ideas Category with wonderful, whimsical, sometimes sexy and always Chic Headboard Ideas

The 3rd placed article takes us to somewhere unexpected… Under the staircase!!!
No, no, we haven’t given up talking Interiors in favor of scary bedtime stories – this article will help you clean up the mess you doubtlessly have brewing beneath your stairs and turn it into a veritable storage-ready delight.

It is only fitting that 2nd place will require us to look up. Up high for Ceiling Design Ideas
It is amazing how easy it is to neglect something like your ceiling. Floors, as we all know, have to maintain their flat shape and feel so we don’t all fall over. With ceilings, pun not intended, the sky is the limit! If you can dream it, why not create it? Obviously you thought so to, judging by the popularity of this article.

Now, for the moment of truth, envelope please…
If you are as good in math as we are in design, you probably figured out the topic of ChicTip’s #1 article, yes, it’s in the bedroom once again. We love this selection, since it represents everything we are building ChicTip to be: a place for inspiration, dialogue and practical interior design guidance. Our staging category aims to provide that for every room in the house, and your favorite was Home Staging – The bedroom with 5 tips for staging the bedroom prior to a house sale in these tough economic times. Staging the bedroom is creating a retreat that anyone can relate to. This means focusing on the paint, bedding and accessories to make a potential buyer feel, well, at home!

That’s it, our top 5 articles from the past 12 months. As we close out ChicTip’s first year on the Internet, we are looking forward to bringing you another year full of tips, inspiration and most importantly, Chic Design.

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  • Aansy
    February 4, 2010

    Magic must happens on the beds like these. fabulous.

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