Plant the Future

You have been invited to a house warming and don’t know which gift to bring? these cute mini gardens from Plant the Future are sure to help you solve that problem.
Plant the Future is an art and design gallery where the plants are the stars. Terrariums, desert gardens, orchid arrangements, airplants,and a wide variety of cacti are among the items that can be found here. Plant The Future utilizes only live plants (no cut flowers) in its creations, offering a “green” alternative to traditional floral arrangements. Plant the Future, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Paloma Teppa, industrial designer and artist. Paloma’s passion is to fuse art, design and nature, constantly pushing the barrier of her artistic expression through new and innovative creations. The first Plant The Future store opened in 2009 in the Wynwood Art District with new locations opening up in Miami in 2012.

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