5 Very Creative Sofa Beds

The bed in the bedroom and the sofa in the living room are the two most used pieces of furniture in your home. Those who have to deal with limited space will generally choose the bed over the sofa to furnish their interiors. Sofa beds are a nice way around this problem because as the name suggests, they can be converted either to a sofa for the day time or a comfortable bed for night time. Considering a sofa bed for furnishing your small bedroom or for your living room when you have unexpected guests to sleepover is a smart space saving idea.

Sofa beds are both practical and versatile and there are a large number from which to choose. Whether you prefer an L-shape to fit a corner, a bunk bed sofa bed for a small children’s bedroom or a 3-seater sofa bed for furnishing a large room, there is a sofa bed that suits nearly every purpose.

We have put together the most original shapes and cool sofa bed designs for you to get some ideas when it comes to deciding on the best sofa beds for your needs.

1- The five sleeper sofa bed

Designed by Ole Jensen, this sofa bed is specifically appropriate for unexpected guests who stayover. The sofa area consists of five sleeping bags stacked one above the others.  -source

2- The transformer bunk sofa bed

At first sight this sofa bed looks fairly innocent but its brilliant system actually enables this sofa to open up into a bunk bed, two twin sized beds one on top of the other. -source

3-  The modular sofa

Not entirely a bed but definitely sofa, this piece of furniture is entirely modular for comfortably sitting up, lying down or laying back. Its ingenious design enables a wide number of configurations. – source

4- The all-in-one sofa

Designed by Zuiver this classic looking sofa actually embraces several functionalities and features. Among others, a fold out footrest, a flip-up backrest and also a handy in-built shelf to store newspapers and magazines. -source

5- The Cat Tunnel Sofa

One of our favourites, this sofa designed by the Korean Seungji Mun features a tunnel running along the edge of the furniture for your cat to have fun with. -source

Camille is a furniture enthusiast and writes on behalf of Wedo Beds. For more sofa bed inspiration, Wedo Sofa Beds offers a large range of classic and contemporary sofa beds available in a choice of different material

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