New Funky Desk Accessories

Stable City :  This high rise stapler dock will add beauty to your work space keeping your refills organized and handy.

Staples and mini stapler included. Price : $19

Dog Caddy : Our most faithful friend and companion whose only want in life is to love us unconditionally. Our dog’s love sweetens our lives and helps us all be better persons. Your Dog helps organize the desk-top by holding pencils in his legs, note paper on his back, a cell phone in his tummy and messages in his mouth. Price $81

Sharpener Desk Tidy : Yes, that’s right, it’s a giant pencil sharpener. It won’t sharpen your giant pencils…but it will keep all your pens, pencils and other stuff looking sharp on your desk! Made from Rubberwood which is highly sustainable. After around 30 years of producing natural latex sap the Rubber trees are harvested for their high quality wood and new trees are planted. Since the trees are not felled specifically for timber use, Rubberwood is considered to be ecologically sound, simply using up a waste product of the latex production industry. Price : $20

Keyboard Pirates : Place a note between their fingers and slot them between your keyboard keys, they will get the message across, guaranteed! Price : $13

Roller Tape :  Beware heavy machinery! Flattens the terrain and looks after your sticky tape needs.  A cool dispenser with storage space for spare rolls. Price : $19

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