Flower Market on Columbia Road, London

I have been living in London for the last year and a half and only have 5 months left before we move back to Hoboken (NJ). As a fond farewell to this amazing city, I have decided to take full advantage of the time I have left by further exploring city and sharing with you some of my favorite bits. It’s certainly not that I haven’t seen or know of these places and things until now, but it is such a big city that there is always something new to discover just around the corner.

People in general seem to take for granted the things around them and think the grass is greener on the other side, only when we leave do we have the chance to remember and cherish the beauty we should have appreciated much more in the moment.

I have decided to treasure my last days here and share some of life in London with you. Last Sunday I went to the Columbia Road Flower Market in East London. On Sundays the street is transformed into an oasis of foliage and flowers, but this road isn’t just about flowers. The flower market is only on Sundays. It’s the independent shops, art galleries, vintage clothing stores, tiny bakeries and cafes, with a few street performers thrown in, that make it such a special place. There is a small passage where I found a quaint little cafe called Lily Vanilli with amazing toasts and pastries. In the same passage between the art galleries and vintage furniture stores, there is a store called “beyond fabrics” which would be heaven for any sewing or quilting lovers. You can find absolutely everything there, from threads and pins to a great selection of new and vintage fabrics. So many ideas pop into my mind like how lovely their fabric would look as curtains for a child’s room.

Columbia Road is a really nice place to spend a sunny Sunday morning in London, even if you’re there for just a short time, try not to miss it. This street has maintained that special charm that I remember of the greater London area from ten years ago. You can find a full list of shops here .

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