The Concrete Wallpaper by Photographer Tom Hage

I admit that I have an obsession with concrete walls and floors. I was thrilled to find these new wallpapers developed by photographer Tom Hage.  Finally, a product that can really help me achieve the look I have always dreamed of without investing in masonry or having and extended and messy construction project.  These new wallpapers are also ideal for apartment dwellers that are looking to add contemporary industrial flair.  Tom Hage has developed this exciting line of Concrete Wallpaper  from high resolution photographs taken of a variety of styles of concrete walls, cinder block and even some graffiti found in his home country of Norway. The imagery was then manipulated so that patterns within the wallpaper are never repeated. The entire process results in these frankly, amazing products that give the appearance of either raw or refined concrete walls that are very authentic in appearance. Ahh, dreams can come true, thanks to aspirations and ingenuity that truly do represent some the finest Scandinavian design.

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  • Interior Design Calgary
    November 21, 2012

    Wow, this certainly is unique! An industrial and grungy look, yet its softened to the perfect amount by all of the light flooding in. A risk certainly, but I think its definitely worked!

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